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What to expect at your very first piano lesson having had no experience (for adults and teenagers)


This is for those who don't have any experience of playing the piano before


First of all as a piano teacher I would introduce myself to you. I would ask you some information about your musical history and personal life.

Hand Shape + Posture

Before I got you to play anything I would get you to sit at the piano. I would then advise you how to change your posture and hand shape.

I have already made a blog on this. So if you want then please check it out at Common mistakes made by beginners (

Reading Music

Having went over the hand shape and posture I would then teach you how to read music using sheet music. I would show you how to learn a couple of notes on the piano. A+B+C in the left hand and C+D+E in the right hand. I would show what the "grand staff" is. The grand staff is the combination of the written right hand and left hand parts. In addition, you would learn the "treble clef" (clef for the right hand) and bass clef (clef for the left hand) are.


Now you know 6 notes in total - 3 in the left and 3 in the right hand. I would add rhythm in the form of a 4 beat, 2 beat and 1 beat notes. As well as 4 beat, 2 beat and 1 beat rests.

Play a song

Now you've learnt how to read the music I would show how to play a song.


Near the end of the lesson I would give you Homework which you would have to do before the next lesson.


For next lesson I would ask them to get the "Bastien Book For Adults 1" if they wanted to learn some popular songs and learn how to read more music. This book suits teenagers and adults and 3/4 of the book takes the learner up to grade 1 level within 3-4 months.


If you have any questions I answer them for you at the end and throughout the lesson.


I would then say goodbye before I saw you for the next lesson.

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