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What I do?

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Ryan Johnston educates children, teenagers and adults’ in piano and music theory by using a holistic and fun approach. As part of my teaching, you will have the opportunity to be a part of 2 recitals per year performing to an audience. In one of my 30- minute one-to-one lessons we will cover: music theory, classical song/grade song and pop song. My aim is for you to learn as many different styles of music as possible. Ryan Johnston believes each of my students has the potential to become the next generation of piano teachers and performers.

Why I Do It?

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Ryan Johnston is involved in music education because Ryan Johnston believes each person who comes to has the potential to be the musicians, music teachers and performers of the future. Ryan Johnston's aim is for you to shine in the music industry and realize your full potential. As a pianist and musician Ryan Johnston focused on passing on my skills and passion for music. Ryan Johnston also believes that inside every musician is capability and musical talent waiting to be unlocked and this talent can take you and your music career to the next level. This applies to all genres: rock, pop, classical, baroque or 21st century these inner musical talents can rise and flourish!


Brand offer

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Ryan Johnston offers as a business piano teaching, music theory, performance, and accompaniment. Learning with Ryan Johnston Piano means you will be taught piano holistically gaining a complete understanding of your craft. This will empower confidence in how you perform and will unlock your true potential as a musician. With our music theory lessons we cover music theory awareness and create confidence by building your music theory knowledge.


If you are interested in performance, Ryan Johnston offers services to enable you to achieve your aims. Ryan Johnston regularly performs. He is passionate about a wide range of styles and movements and has a broad repertoire. You will focus on a wide repertoire for performance and accompanist from modern genres like pop, rock, punk and EDM and from classical music such as romantic, baroque and 21st century depending on the performance occasion. As a performer Ryan Johnston understands the importance of creating an atmosphere that complements the occasion and he has a unique ability to communicate his emotions through piano music.


Ryan Johnston also offers teachings for you as an accompanist.  As a soloist you will have Ryan Johnston as an accompanist who will create a strong and effective working relationship with you through the training. From this relationship you will have an accompanist who teaches from an honest and straight talking stand point, this will help you make quick progress and understand the realities of being an accompanist. Ryan will also empower you through confidence building, and on request he can accompany you for exams, performances and shows.

Brand values

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Ryan Johnston will work with you in an unique way that unlocks your true potential as a musician. This is a journey of self-discovery allowing you to realize your own capability and personal vision at your own pace.


Whatever background or level of ability you will be welcomed. Ryan Johnston works with people from all backgrounds and ages (from 7 till the elderly). He also works with the disadvantaged and in all situations try and accommodate everyone who contacts us for teaching.


Ryan Johnston approaches each clients progress with honesty and integrity working with them where they are in their journey. Whatever your own personal vision for your piano career Ryan Johnston will help you achieve your goal.


Piano lessons with Ryan Johnston are unique and comprehensive. We will cover: warm up, piano technique, music theory, musicality, sight reading, depth in repertoire and opportunities for performance for each client.  Through this you will achieve a 360 degree understanding of your craft and ability.


Ryan Johnston understands what makes a self-assured and talented performer. You will become a gifted musician who is empowered with confidence with the potential to become an exceptional performer. This will transform you from a musician into a excellent performer.

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