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What to expect in a normal lesson with Ryan Johnston Piano


In today's article I am going to explain to you about what a pupil would normally learn in their lesson once they have gone through the preparatory material for piano.

Grade Piece

At the start of the lesson I would teach the pupil a grade piece usually for 15 minutes.

I would teach them about:

  • phrasing

  • dynamics

  • tempo

  • how to read the music

Technical Exercises and Scales

Depending on the ability and the stage of the pupil's development I would then go through with them technical exercises and scales.

For grade 1 for example the first scale I normally teach is C major Scale.

Fun Piece

To finish the lesson I would let the pupil choose a song they would like to learn which they enjoy listening to or playing. It could be from a fun book which is at their grade level or a song of a genre they enjoy.


Before I said goodbye I would ask the pupil or their parent for payment for the lesson. The cost of payment is £15 per half an hour lesson. You can pay me by cash or by PayPal at

Next week

Lastly I would tell the pupil what they had to do for next week.


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