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What to expect at your very first piano lesson having had no experience (for 7 - 12 year old's)


This is for those who don't have any experience of playing the piano before and are between 7 and 12 years old.

I have already made a blog on adults and teenagers first lesson. So, if you would like to see this then you can have a look at this at What to expect at your very first piano lesson having had no experience (for adults and teenagers) (


Hand Shape + Posture

Before I got you to play anything I would get you to sit at the piano. I would then advise you how to change your posture and hand shape.


Normally for the first piano lesson for kids who don't have any experience of music or playing the piano I start them with John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course Part One. Children really like this John Thompson Piano Course series for children's beginners on piano. They like this because it is fun, easy and the children get to learn popular children's songs. I have tried lots of beginner books for children and found this book to be the best.

In some cases I will teach the child a different book if they have got another book or want to learn a particular book but this is normally the series I go for. The series has 4 books which get the child from not having learnt anything on the piano to Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 1 level. ABRSM is the highest regarded and used exam board.

Middle C

Having explained hand shape and posture. I would now explain to the student about how the piano is laid out and where "Middle C" is on the piano.

Reading Middle C On The Music

Having shown where Middle C is on the piano I would show the child what Middle C looks like on music.

How music is made up and Finger Numbers

Then, I would show the child what bars and bar lines are. Bars is how the notes for the music are grouped and bar lines are how the music is divided into bars. I would also show the child the finger numbers for the piano. Finger numbers are the numbers which each finger is given for the pianist to read on the music.

Middle C as a Semibreve

I would then show the child what Middle C is on the left hand and the right hand in semibreves.

Middle C in Minims

After that I would show the child what Middle C is in minims.

Middle C in Crotchets

Then I would teach the child about how to play Middle C in crotchets.

Song including Middle C and D

Lastly I would then teach the child a song which has both C and D on the piano.

Next Lesson

The pupil should also get a homework book for next lesson so that I can write their homework in it.

For next week I would ask the child to go over all of the songs I went over with them.


Before I said goodbye to the pupil I would let them ask me any questions they had.


I would then say bye before I saw them next week for their next lesson.

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