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Update on Sofiia being supported at Beyond Skin

Hi Everyone!

As I said before in one of my previous blog posts available at:

I am teaching people being supported by Beyond Skin the piano. The 2 people seeking sanctuary at Beyond Skin are called Sofiia and Solin.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post Sofiia is seeking sanctuary in Northern Ireland from Ukraine. During her lessons with me we have moved on from basic piano music to songs from her favourite genre of music which is Electronic Dance Music. Her favourite Electronic Dance Music artist is Alan Walker. So we've been working on some of his songs such as "Lily" and his famous hit "Faded."

Hope you similarly enjoy my and Sofiia's piano cover of "Lily" by Alan Walker. `

You can watch my and Sofiia's piano cover on YouTube Premiere on Saturday at 12:00PM

Please tune in if you can!

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