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Piano Teaching People Seeking Sanctuary at Beyond Skin



I’ve been working on something exciting recently. As for the past month I have been teaching people seeking sanctuary at an arts organization called Beyond Skin

I think this is extremely important that everyone is given the same chance to excel in the arts and music. This is a great way for people seeking sanctuary to excel in music and been given the equal chance that everyone deserves. I’m one of few music teachers who are offering music lessons to people seeking sanctuary in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Pictured above is me teaching a person seeking sanctuary called Sofiia. She is seeking sanctuary in Derry/Londonderry from Ukraine. I have been teaching her how to read basic piano music and we are now working on her favourite genre of music which is Electronic Dance Music for the piano/keyboard. Sofiia is currently searching for an electronic keyboard to practice the songs that she loves to play. So, any donations to Beyond Skin for Sofiia to get her own electronic keyboard would be very much appreciated.

I would like to thank Beyond Skin for the chance to work with these people seeking sanctuary as I find it very rewarding to see them excel in music and happy to see them be given an extra chance in music.

Thanks very much


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