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Why pupils should trust me as a piano teacher

Enhanced Access NI Check

Clients can trust me as a teacher as I have been awarded an Enhanced Access NI check to work with those who are vulnerable and children.

Questions I ask of pupils

I can also be trusted as in my music lessons as I first of all ask the pupil what they would like to get out of piano/keyboard lessons with me. This could be to play for fun, prepare for exams or be ready for a performance.

After I have discovered what the pupil would like out of piano/keyboard lessons we make specific targets together that the pupil can achieve in lessons with me so I can customize my approach for each pupil.

What happens during lessons?

I praise the pupil when they perform well, give them constructive feedback on their performances and plan my lessons weekly.

My Policies

I also have a safeguarding policy and health and safety policy.

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