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Update on my Teaching

I currently am going to start a waiting list for anymore interested pupils.

I am currently teaching 44 pupils all together currently at St Columbs School of Music (Derry/Londonderry), a local Derry/Londonderry Secondary School, local Belfast grammar school, Wandsworth Community Centre (Belfast), at people’s houses in Ballyhackamore and Beyond Skin (Belfast.)

St Columb’s School of Music

Recently started teaching here in September. I am really enjoying it! There are so many talented pianists who come for lessons with me. I am teaching here on Mondays and Tuesdays in Derry/Londonderry.

Local Belfast Grammar School

I am now teaching piano at a local Belfast Grammar School for my 2nd year in a row. I am really enjoying seeing my pupils progressing and 1 of my pupils passed their Grade 3 Piano (London College of Music) in Summer 2023. I also take part in open nights here to help promote the school which I really enjoy as I get to show potential pupils around so they get the full experience of the school.

Local Derry/Londonderry Secondary School

I am looking forward to beginning teaching at a local Derry/Londonderry Secondary School next week!

Wandsworth Community Centre

I have now bought my own piano which I keep at Wandsworth Community Centre thanks to Richard’s Pianos in Portadown. The piano is an Alexander Hermann piano. I teach at Wandsworth Community Centre on Fridays and Saturdays. It is a lovely place to teach piano. in another post I will talk more about this.

At People’s Houses

I teach at a couple of people’s houses in Ballyhackamore for those who find it easier for me to travel to their house for piano and music theory lessons.

Beyond Skin

I also teach 2 people seeking sanctuary in Belfast at an arts organisation called “Beyond Skin.” In another post I will talk about how they are progressing.

Thanks for reading!

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