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Applied for Channel 4's "The Piano"

I was asked to apply for the TV show “The Piano” on Channel 4 by a grant organisation which I got funded through called Music For All. They had said that Channel 4 were looking for more people to take part in the program and wanted to know if I would be interested.

I couldn’t wait to apply for the program as I think it is a great opportunity to do so and is a fantastic TV program. I am waiting to hear back from the Channel 4 to hear if I have got through to the next round. The closing date for the 1st round is January 2024.

Lucy pictured above was last years winner of the piano. She was both blind and neurodiverse and played the piano amazingly! I hope to be be able to be on Channel 4's "The Piano" soon.

Hopefully you will see me on the “The Piano” soon!

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